Artist based in Macon, GA

Artist Bio


Amanda is an artist living in Macon, GA who regularly flexes her creative talents on Instagram. Amanda has been a resident of Macon for close to three years by way of San Diego. Whether secretly drawing on her closet walls as a child, or creating catchy graphics in her professional career, Amanda has always been drawn to create. Her most recent medium includes mixed media paintings using natural elements and digital drawings using Adobe Draw. 

Artist Statement


My work explores shape, color, line, and composition. I am drawn to creating abstract art because of its originality, inconsistencies, and unpredictable nature. My work tends to be influenced by my emotions more than anything else. Art for me is an expressive form of emotional release that helps me process through moments of uncertainty and moments of joy. 



Drawn to Macon IV, Macon Arts Alliance


  • The Web Club

  • Drawn to Macon III, Macon Arts Alliance

  • 567 Center for Renewal

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Photography: DrewMPhoto

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